CCOF Organic Certification

CCOF organic certification & practices
California Gourmet organic raisins are CCOF-certified since 2008 as we are a certified grower and handler. We actually started organic farming practices in 2005, three years before our CCOF certification was approved. Both our vineyards and facility are yearly inspected to assure compliance with CCOF organic regulations. We farm without use of chemicals, which means that we comply with the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) list of materials by employing only allowed substances to fertilize and prevent threats to our crops. We use CCOF- approved fertilizers such as compost, cover crop and other organic fertilizers. We do not spray any herbicide-chemicals for weed control, instead we conduct farm-weeding by hand or mechanically. In our farm “no pesticide-chemicals are ever used for pest control”. We conduct pest control by employing beneficial insects locally purchased, so that their effectiveness is exceptionally high and harmless to our crop. We place the beneficial bugs we obtain from a local entomologist on the foliage within one hour after purchase.