California Gourmet Organic Raisins vs. Natural Raisins

Organic vs. Natural Raisins
When browsing for healthful food products along the isles of your favorite grocery store, you may come across products that apparently seem to be very similar, because they are advertised as “natural” or “organic”. Not many consumers are aware of fundamental differences in growing organic as opposed to natural products. Our California Gourmet organic raisins display fundamental differences from "natural" raisins marketed by other companies. Here are a few facts:

NATURAL RAISINS: - Have been farmed using conventional (non-organic; synthetic) chemicals/pesticides - May have been sprayed/coated with conventional chemicals after picking - May show residues of conventional chemicals/pesticides, acceptable as long as they stay within FDA allowed quantities - Vines and grapes that give raisins that will be sold as “Natural raisins” routinely get sprayed with conventional chemicals and pesticides, multiple times during the year. Conventional farmers that produce Natural Raisins spray different conventional chemicals fertilizers on their vines for fertilizing, and other chemicals for pest and weed control. Sometimes they even use chemicals to enhance the sweetness of their raisins & conventional chemicals to prevent their molding in case of rain.

CALIFORNIA GOURMET ORGANIC RAISINS: - Not allowed to be farmed with any kinds of conventional, synthetic pesticides - As CCOF Organic certified farmers, we must comply with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)-listed materials for pest control, fertilizing etc. - We favor using mechanical methods to conduct weed control or beneficial insects for pest control - We favor using compost for fertilizing - We do not add any kind of materials to enhance the sweetness of our raisins, only the power of sunshine - We do not spray any materials to preserve our raisins from molding.